Kaija started it. We won’t stop.

Finnish handcraft, since 1954. 

Aarikka was conceived by Kaija. The unruly rebel with a playful spirit. From the mischievous revolutionary from Somero. Since the beginning, Aarikka’s spirit is in joy and celebrations, functional products with a decorative design, and decorations with a clear function. Wood and round shapes, clear lines, and beauty in the details. Joy and unruliness. Looking at the canons in the eye and deciding that the shape of the world is round. This belief, embedded in us, like wood has its grains. Deep in itself.

Aarikka lives from its roots. The unruly rebels, joyous and energetic. They get stronger, year by year, from generation to generation. Round and bold. Timeless and always relevant. That is Aarikka. Joy and celebration. Unique, in Aarikka’s spirit.

In 2021, we began our work into Aarikka’s truest form. It has a voice and a look, that is part of our lives and celebrations. We have revised our online store, optimised our digital marketing and gotten to know Aarikka again with renewed plans for the coming years. And where round shapes are a true possibility, handcraft is Aarikka’s second nature. We design all our products in Finland, and handmake everything we can with a respect to handcraft and tradition. In Finland, of course.

Respectable age, 70. Time has no effect on timeless ones. When you are truly unique, you stand the test of time. Kaija started it, and we continue.

Aarikka is made at homes.

Aarikka continues to uphold its values in the 2020s, placing emphasis on Finnish expertise and unwavering quality control. And where round shapes are a true possibility, handcraft is Aarikka’s second nature.

Since the most important task of design is to bring joy, Aarikka has invested in it for decades – and there’s no end in sight. Every product is also made by hand, not on an assembly line.

Meet the creators

“It has pretty much gotten under my skin in a few decades.“

Little did Kai Kukkonen know about the future when he started his apprenticeship at Aarikka at the age of 15 in 1981. Kai studied to become a machine carpenter.

“The job title has changed over the years, but I’m still on the same path,” says Kai, who now works as a production coordinator. 

Over a million Aarikka products have passed through Kai’s hands, leaving his mark on them. Some products and eras, on the other hand, have left their mark on Kai more strongly. “Allu, a character designed by Pia Kärkkäinen, would have sold as much as there was time to make it in the early 2000s. Allu was a bottle opener, a wine bottle cork, and who knows what else,” Kai recalls the successful character. 

Meet the creators

“I also feel that my work is appreciated.“

Minna Kuosa is a dedicated Christmas person. Not even the fact that there are elves on Minna’s desk all year round hasn’t tested her Christmas love. On the contrary, she finds it wonderful. Minna manufactures Aarikka products at her home in Hollola. Minna’s all-time favourites are Pakkanen (Frost) products. Most of all, she loves Koristelija (Decorator). Despite, and because it’s the most labour-intensive to make. “The best part is always when I get a box full of new product parts. I exclaim, ‘Yes!’” Minna says. 

Minna says she always needs something to tinker with. Of course, she doesn’t mind that making Aarikka products is not only meaningful handicraft but also profitable. “This is the first job that has never annoyed me in the morning,” Minna says.

aarikka book

Meet the creators and read the stories behind the iconic products in the Aarikka book.

This English-language book celebrates the 70thanniversary of Aarikka. In this book, the story of Aarikka is beautifully illustrated, as an ode to the history and present day of Aarikka – and everything that happened in between. This book takes you to meet the people and stories behind Aarikka’s beloved products. How they were conceived and born – meticulously, piece by piece, sparing no hours, down to the last detail.

Aarikka’s year of celebration began wonderfully. In December, we introduced our colourful Spring and Summer 2024 clothing collection at Kunsthalle Helsinki. The collection features colours and shine to every moment. This season’s new colours are available in bright and natural shades. Every colour is beautiful, just as every flower is beautiful as its unique self.

In the fashion show, we introduced the Tribute to the Wooden Pearl wooden bead clothing collection, designed together with stylist Meri Milash. The collection was designed to celebrate the 70th anniversary year of Aarikka. The unique and breathtaking collection is an ode to the wooden handcraft and Aarikka’s unique shape language. And wood, the pearl of the woods. 

Our fashion show and the Tribute to the Wooden Pearl collection is available here. Come and see!

Our anniversary year collection features different designers. In our home and decorations, we feature products designed by Magnus Löfgren. Magnus is a Swedish designer, who has co-operated with Design House Stockholm. One of his first designs were the Shell candleholder and the Focus vase, which won the Utmärkt Svensk Form award in 1995. Löfgren, known for his simplistic designs and creativity, uses Nordic design traditions, combining them with Aarikka’s iconic shapes.

Our textiles feature Aino-Maija Metsola alongside our own designers. Metsola is a Finnish illustrator and designer, residing in Helsinki. She creates bold and delicate prints with a focus on colours. Metsola is a versatile, detailed storyteller, who uses different techniques to create her pieces. She uses watercolours, markers, ink pens and gouache paint. She graduated from School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2008, and has designed prints for Marimekko, among others, since 2006.

Aarikka’s anniversary year is joyous and charming. In normal weekdays, celebrations, and those small, festive moments of life. It is filled with bubbling joy and shapes at home, décor, and in the kitchen. The anniversary year collection is stylish and adorns its wearer with style and jewellery, fit for every occasion. Aarikka is colourful and beautiful, bold, and stylish – and unruly. Uniquely Aarikka.

We are round, so you can have an edge.

Spring and Summer in Aarikka is filled with colours and celebration.

Sparkle and glimmer during the celebrations and gatherings, and every day in your life. Be playful with colours. The themes of our spring collection are clear lines, round shapes, and wood. Originality, courage, joy, and being natural. All things unruly.

Take a trip with us into Aarikka’s spring and summer. See new designs, rediscover old favourites and classics in new shades. Spring is here, it’s time to be renewed – and find new joy in classics, again and again.

Home sweet home. Bold and unique, just like you.

Aarikka’s home is wearing shades of spring. Let the brisk air of joy in after the long winter. Aarikka’s spring inspires to host parties, both indoors and in the garden.

Our new picnic tableware is designed to be light and festive. Our home textiles are adorned with the stylish Keisarinna print in watercolour design and Huvitus print in a light, delicate print. Our home classics are wearing new shades and colours. Play and have fun with Aarikka. At home.

We are proud to present the Duo collection, designed to us by Magnus Löfgren. Löfgren, known for his simplistic designs and creativity, uses Nordic design traditions, combining them with Aarikka’s iconic shapes.

Every colour is beautiful, just as every flower is beautiful as their unique self.

Aarikka’s anniversary year shines bright and colourful. It brings radiance of colours, with exciting, new shades, both bright and muted, natural ones. We let all colours and flowers bloom.

Our jewellery collection has jewellery for every occasion. Choose one, two, or many more. Combine them with other jewellery pieces and outfits.

Inspiration from the history.

“Clothing should bring joy to every day. We want to be bold and timeless with our fashion collection and bring joy and play into every occasion. Our fashion collection of the spring accentuates femininity, joy, play, and boldness,” says Riia Sandström, CEO of Aarikka.

Our spring collection, designed by Finnish designers, is the celebration of colour. The shades and tones accentuate the boldness, joy, and positivity of their wearers. The round, playful shape of Aarikka is the recurring theme of the collection, and the prints draw inspiration from the history of Aarikka. The garments and their materials are designed to be durable, comfortable, and joyful, and to bring joy for years to come.

 Our bag collection features iconic pieces in natural shades and soft, clear lines. They bring joy and shine to every moment, as well as the round, iconic shape of Aarikka, which, in its simplicity, is our version of the new black.

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