Ram. Since 1973.

Curl up on the side of the ram. Or find one in you.

Round, hard as wood, with a gentle temperament, standing proudly. And what could time ever do to something as timeless as this. The ram is a symbol of guts, the Finns' own unrelenting willpower. But it didn't need guts to become one of Finland's best-known design classics.

The iconic and beloved ram took shape on Kaija's desk back in 1973. For 50 years, the ram has been part of Aarikka - and it lasts and lasts, standing proudly, Aarikka in its heart.


We let the ram go wild on flower fields.

The ram is wild and rambunctious, enjoying life, looking beautiful dressed in flowers. The flowers that Kaija once draw. Cute - but edgy.

Crafted in the hands of a professional

A masterpiece of Finnish craftsmanship.

Each ram is an example of Finnish craftsmanship. They are handmade in Finland, by skilled craftsmen. From wood to ram, carefully piece by piece, without sparing hours of work, one ram at a time. Handcrafted down to every wooden part, with respect for the wood. And the guts of the ram. 

And it's not just us Finns who are attracted to the ram. This icon of Finnish design has also gained fame abroad. President Koivisto took the ram with him to Houston in 1983. The ram can also be found on Walter Mondale, Nancy Reagan, Danny Kay, Empress Mitsiko of Japan and members of Metallica. 

The 50-year-old ram is conquering us and the world. Blooming beautifully. As youthful as ever.



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Pikkupässi figurine, LemmikkiPikkupässi figurine, Lemmikki
Pikkupässi figurine, Lemmikki
Sale price620.00 €
Pohjanpässi figurine, whitePohjanpässi figurine, white
Pohjanpässi figurine, white
Sale price250.00 €
Pohjanpässi figurine, blackPohjanpässi figurine, black
Pohjanpässi figurine, black
Sale price250.00 €
Pohjanpässi figurine, varnished woodPohjanpässi figurine, varnished wood
Pohjanpässi figurine, black and multicolourPohjanpässi figurine, black and multicolour
Pohjanpässi figurine, white and blackPohjanpässi figurine, white and black
Pikkupässi figurine, white and blackPikkupässi figurine, white and black
Pikkupässi figurine, varnished woodPikkupässi figurine, varnished wood
Pikkupässi figurine, black and multicolourPikkupässi figurine, black and multicolour
Pikkupässi figurine, whitePikkupässi figurine, white
Pikkupässi figurine, white
Sale price400.00 €
Juhlapässi figurine, varnished woodJuhlapässi figurine, varnished wood
Juhlapässi figurine, blackJuhlapässi figurine, black
Juhlapässi figurine, black
Sale price535.00 €
Pässi figurine, whitePässi figurine, white
Pässi figurine, white
Sale price1,950.00 €
Pässi figurine, white and multicolourPässi figurine, white and multicolour
Mänty sculpture, blackMänty sculpture, black
Mänty sculpture, black
Sale price390.00 €
Mänty sculpture, varnished woodMänty sculpture, varnished wood
Mänty sculpture, varnished wood
Sale price390.00 €
Mänty scent tree, varnished woodMänty scent tree, varnished wood
Mänty scent tree, whiteMänty scent tree, white
Mänty scent tree, white
Sale price58.00 €
Mänty scent tree, blackMänty scent tree, black
Mänty scent tree, black
Sale price58.00 €

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