Silver necklaces

Silver necklaces



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Kokonainen necklace, silver
Kokonainen necklace, silver
Sale price179.00 €
Kokonainen neck tie, silverKokonainen neck tie, silver
Kokonainen neck tie, silver
Sale price899.00 €
Mandartania necklace long, silverMandartania necklace long, silver
Mandartania necklace long, silver
Sale price269.00 €
Mandartania necklace, silverMandartania necklace, silver
Mandartania necklace, silver
Sale price339.00 €
Mandartania choker necklace, silverMandartania choker necklace, silver
Onnenamuletti pendant, large, gold plated silverOnnenamuletti pendant, large, gold plated silver
Onnenamuletti pendant, large, silverOnnenamuletti pendant, large, silver
Yllätys necklace Heart, medium, silver
Yllätys necklace Cross, silverYllätys necklace Cross, silver
Yllätys necklace Cross, silver
Sale price49.00 €
Flow necklace, silverFlow necklace, silver
Flow necklace, silver
Sale price199.00 €
Yllätys necklace Heart, big, silver
Yllätys necklace Heart, small, silver
Yllätys charm Heart, silver
Yllätys charm Heart, silver
Sale price39.00 €
Made in Heaven necklaceMade in Heaven necklace
Made in Heaven necklace
Sale price109.00 €
Tahdon necklace, silverTahdon necklace, silver
Tahdon necklace, silver
Sale price109.00 €
Olet tärkeä necklaceOlet tärkeä necklace
Olet tärkeä necklace
Sale price109.00 €
Muruseni necklaceMuruseni necklace
Muruseni necklace
Sale price109.00 €


The guardians of harmony.

Small, wooden, round. Made in Finland by hand. Aarikka's Elves are true Aarikka, everyday celebration at its finest. Collected and loved for 40 years.


True Aarikka.

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