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Wood is the pearl of the forest, its naturedefined by its grains – and, at root, by nature.

We are round, so you can have an edge. On 4.12.2023, at Helsinki Kunsthalle, we introduced our Spring & Summer 2024 clothing collection, and the unique and wonderful Tribute to the Wooden Pearl collaboration with stylist Meri Milash. The collaboration consisted of unique outfits made of wooden beads, to celebrate Aarikka's 70th anniversary year.

Thank you.

The Spring & Summer 2024 collection will be available at the end of January 2024.

Inquiries regarding the unique wooden bead clothing pieces to Fashion show styling by Meri Milash, who also originated the idea of wooden bead clothing. Execution by Aarikka designers Melina Mattila and Jenni Orvasto. Thank you for participants and partners!

We are round so you can have an edge.

Where roundness is the only formality, craftsmanship is Aarikka’s second nature. The book in your hands is a tribute to Aarikka’s history, to Finnish artisans, Finnish design work, and Finnish labour.

Come and play with us. Be part of our story, share with us the moment in the anniversary book that enchanted you the most.

We are awarding the three best entries in January, February, and March. Three winners receive a 100 € gift card. Winners are awarded 31.1.2024, 29.2.2024 and 28.3.2024. Winners are contacted personally. Use the hashtag #aarikka70

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