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Nuppu salad bowl, red, 1,5 lNuppu salad bowl, red, 1,5 l
Nuppu salad bowl, red, 1,5 l
Sale price55.00 €
Kupla vase, clear, 22 cmKupla vase, clear, 22 cm
Kupla vase, clear, 22 cm
Sale price89.00 €
Kupla vase, green, 14 cmKupla vase, green, 14 cm
Kupla vase, green, 14 cm
Sale price47.00 €
Puisto cheese knife, greenPuisto cheese knife, green
Puisto cheese knife, green
Sale price35.00 €
Puisto coffee measure, whitePuisto coffee measure, white
Puisto coffee measure, white
Sale price30.00 €
Pupu decoration, light pinkPupu decoration, light pink
Pupu decoration, light pink
Sale price15.00 €
Pupunen decoration, yellowPupunen decoration, yellow
Pupunen decoration, yellow
Sale price13.00 €
Kupla candle holder, blackKupla candle holder, black
Kupla candle holder, black
Sale price49.00 €
Onnenenkeli table decoration, whiteOnnenenkeli table decoration, white
Onnenenkeli table decoration, pale blueOnnenenkeli table decoration, pale blue
Limited edition
Nuppu vase, clear glass, 13,5 cm
Kupla vase, amber, 14 cm
Kupla vase, amber, 14 cm
Sale price47.00 €
Puisto cake server, greenPuisto cake server, green
Puisto cake server, green
Sale price48.00 €
Pupu decoration, yellowPupu decoration, yellow
Pupu decoration, yellow
Sale price15.00 €
Kuusinen decoration, ecruKuusinen decoration, ecru
Kuusinen decoration, ecru
Sale price122.00 €
Nuppu pot, red, 15 cmNuppu pot, red, 15 cm
Nuppu pot, red, 15 cm
Sale price39.00 €
Nuppu tray
Nuppu tray
Sale price30.00 €
Graduate boyGraduate boy
Graduate boy
Sale price30.00 €
Nuppu bread plate, 17,5 cm, greenNuppu bread plate, 17,5 cm, green
Nuppu bread plate, 17,5 cm, sandNuppu bread plate, 17,5 cm, sand
Nuppu bread plate, 17,5 cm, brownNuppu bread plate, 17,5 cm, brown
Reitti ceiling lamp, pinkReitti ceiling lamp, pink
Reitti ceiling lamp, pink
Sale price172.00 €
Nuppu lamp, whiteNuppu lamp, white
Nuppu lamp, white
Sale price399.00 €
Miniprinssi candleholder, silverMiniprinssi candleholder, silver


The guardians of harmony.

Small, wooden, round. Made in Finland by hand. Aarikka's Elves are true Aarikka, everyday celebration at its finest. Collected and loved for 40 years.


True Aarikka.

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