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Joulupuu table decoration, redJoulupuu table decoration, red
Joulupuu table decoration, red
Sale price30.00 €
Puisto cheese slicer, green
Puisto cheese slicer, green
Sale price20.00 € Regular price38.00 €
Glass dome for the Kuningatar trayGlass dome for the Kuningatar tray
Kupla vase, clear, 16 cmKupla vase, clear, 16 cm
Kupla vase, clear, 16 cm
Sale price69.00 €
Kupla vase, amber, 14 cm
Kupla vase, amber, 14 cm
Sale price20.00 € Regular price47.00 €
Kupla vase, green, 14 cmKupla vase, green, 14 cm
Kupla vase, green, 14 cm
Sale price20.00 € Regular price47.00 €
Pupu decoration, yellowPupu decoration, yellow
Pupu decoration, yellow
Sale price15.00 €
Puisto tea strainer, whitePuisto tea strainer, white
Puisto tea strainer, white
Sale price18.00 €
Keisarinna lamp, 39 cm, whiteKeisarinna lamp, 39 cm, white
Keisarinna lamp, 39 cm, white
Sale price159.00 €
Miniprinssi candleholder, goldMiniprinssi candleholder, gold
Miniprinssi candleholder, gold
Sale price62.00 €
Siili HedgehogSiili Hedgehog
Siili Hedgehog
Sale price38.00 €
Kupla candle holder, ecruKupla candle holder, ecru
Kupla candle holder, ecru
Sale price49.00 €
Pupunen decoration, yellowPupunen decoration, yellow
Pupunen decoration, yellow
Sale price13.00 €
Felt Christmas Tree, whiteFelt Christmas Tree, white
Felt Christmas Tree, white
Sale price40.00 €
Puisto coffee measure, blackPuisto coffee measure, black
Puisto coffee measure, black
Sale price30.00 €
Nuppu bowl, white, 11 cmNuppu bowl, white, 11 cm
Nuppu bowl, white, 11 cm
Sale price17.40 € Regular price29.00 €
Reitti ceiling lamp, sandReitti ceiling lamp, sand
Reitti ceiling lamp, sand
Sale price172.00 €
Nuppu salad bowl, red, 1,5 lNuppu salad bowl, red, 1,5 l
Nuppu salad bowl, red, 1,5 l
Sale price55.00 €
Kupla vase, clear, 22 cmKupla vase, clear, 22 cm
Kupla vase, clear, 22 cm
Sale price89.00 €
Puisto coffee measure, whitePuisto coffee measure, white
Puisto coffee measure, white
Sale price30.00 €
Kupla candle holder, blackKupla candle holder, black
Kupla candle holder, black
Sale price49.00 €
Limited edition
Nuppu vase, clear glass, 13,5 cm
Kuusinen decoration, ecruKuusinen decoration, ecru
Kuusinen decoration, ecru
Sale price122.00 €
Nuppu tray
Nuppu tray
Sale price30.00 €

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