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Pom pom hair tie, sky bluePom pom hair tie, sky blue
Pom pom hair tie, sky blue
Sale price19.00 €
Rome necklace, white
Rome necklace, white
Sale price79.00 €
Vieno bracelet, green
Vieno bracelet, green
Sale price69.00 €
Sotilas earrings, whiteSotilas earrings, white
Sotilas earrings, white
Sale price39.00 €
Verona necklace, blackVerona necklace, black
Verona necklace, black
Sale price100.00 €
Tuuli earrings, redTuuli earrings, red
Tuuli earrings, red
Sale price29.00 €
Herkkä bracelet, goldHerkkä bracelet, gold
Herkkä bracelet, gold
Sale price49.00 €
Tuuli earrings, greenTuuli earrings, green
Tuuli earrings, green
Sale price29.00 €
Tallinn earrings, cantaloupe
Tallinn earrings, cantaloupe
Sale price22.00 €


The guardians of harmony.

Small, wooden, round. Made in Finland by hand. Aarikka's Elves are true Aarikka, everyday celebration at its finest. Collected and loved for 40 years.


True Aarikka.

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