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Pässi ring, gold-plated silverPässi ring, gold-plated silver
Pässi ring, gold-plated silver
Sale price499.00 €
Yllätys necklace Circle, gold-plated silverYllätys necklace Circle, gold-plated silver
Capricorn bracelet, gold-plated silver
Yllätys hoops, large, gold-plated silverYllätys hoops, large, gold-plated silver
Yllätys Monogram Necklace R, gold-plated silverYllätys Monogram Necklace R, gold-plated silver
Elf of LoveElf of Love
Elf of Love
Sale price350.00 €
New -41%
Aarikka – Me olemme pyöreitäAarikka – Me olemme pyöreitä
Aarikka – Me olemme pyöreitä
Sale price35.00 € Regular price59.00 €
New -41%
Aarikka – We are roundAarikka – We are round
Aarikka – We are round
Sale price35.00 € Regular price59.00 €
New -41%
Sale price35.00 € Regular price59.00 €
Mänty sculpture, varnished woodMänty sculpture, varnished wood
Mänty sculpture, varnished wood
Sale price390.00 €
Mänty sculpture, blackMänty sculpture, black
Mänty sculpture, black
Sale price390.00 €
Puisto mug, Rams in a Field, 3,5 dlPuisto mug, Rams in a Field, 3,5 dl
Blanket, Rams in a Field, greenBlanket, Rams in a Field, green
Blanket, Rams in a Field, green
Sale price169.00 €
Cushion cover, Rams in a Field, 50 x 50 cm, greenCushion cover, Rams in a Field, 50 x 50 cm, green
Elena hand bag, goldElena hand bag, gold
Elena hand bag, gold
Sale price119.00 €
Valma clutch, blackValma clutch, black
Valma clutch, black
Sale price229.00 €
Brita backpack, blackBrita backpack, black
Brita backpack, black
Sale price229.00 €
Iisa cosmetic bag, blackIisa cosmetic bag, black
Iisa cosmetic bag, black
Sale price79.00 €
Meri sweater, fuchsiaMeri sweater, fuchsia
Meri sweater, fuchsia
Sale price91.20 € Regular price169.00 €
Essi hand bag, fuchsiaEssi hand bag, fuchsia
Essi hand bag, fuchsia
Sale price149.00 €
Ariel bracelet, purpleAriel bracelet, purple
Ariel bracelet, purple
Sale price39.00 €
Nina earrings, black and purple
Nina earrings, black and purple
Sale price69.00 €
Pom pom blanket, pinkPom pom blanket, pink
Pom pom blanket, pink
Sale price89.00 €
Pom pom cushion cover, pinkPom pom cushion cover, pink
Pom pom cushion cover, pink
Sale price59.00 €


The guardians of harmony.

Small, wooden, round. Made in Finland by hand. Aarikka's Elves are true Aarikka, everyday celebration at its finest. Collected and loved for 40 years.


True Aarikka.

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