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For your beloved



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Yllätys necklace Heart, big, silver
Yllätys charm Heart, silver
Yllätys charm Heart, silver
Sale price39.00 €
Brita backpack, blackBrita backpack, black
Brita backpack, black
Sale price229.00 €
Iisa cosmetic bag, blackIisa cosmetic bag, black
Iisa cosmetic bag, black
Sale price79.00 €
Brita backpack, aralia blackBrita backpack, aralia black
Brita backpack, aralia black
Sale price229.00 €
Asta shoulder bag, aralia blackAsta shoulder bag, aralia black
Asta shoulder bag, aralia black
Sale price149.00 €
Mandartania necklace long, silverMandartania necklace long, silver
Mandartania necklace long, silver
Sale price269.00 €
Mandartania earrings, silverMandartania earrings, silver
Mandartania earrings, silver
Sale price199.00 €
Mandartania choker necklace, silverMandartania choker necklace, silver
Mandartania ring, adjustable, silverMandartania ring, adjustable, silver
Rosa shopper bag, blackRosa shopper bag, black
Rosa shopper bag, black
Sale price299.00 €
Valma clutch, blackValma clutch, black
Valma clutch, black
Sale price229.00 €
Yllätys bracelet, dots, silverYllätys bracelet, dots, silver
Yllätys bracelet, dots, silver
Sale price69.00 €
Yllätys hoops, big, silver
Yllätys hoops, big, silver
Sale price69.00 €
Muruseni necklaceMuruseni necklace
Muruseni necklace
Sale price109.00 €
Tahdon earrings, silverTahdon earrings, silver
Tahdon earrings, silver
Sale price109.00 €
Helmi watch, large, woodHelmi watch, large, wood
Helmi watch, large, wood
Sale price155.00 €
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Nuppu bath towel, beigeNuppu bath towel, beige
Nuppu bath towel, beige
Sale price39.00 € Regular price75.00 €
Kupla vase, white, 22 cmKupla vase, white, 22 cm
Kupla vase, white, 22 cm
Sale price89.00 €
Olga shoulder bag, lavenderOlga shoulder bag, lavender
Olga shoulder bag, lavender
Sale price199.00 €
Gisella earrings, lavender
Gisella earrings, lavender
Sale price59.00 €
Pässi ring, silverPässi ring, silver
Pässi ring, silver
Sale price299.00 €
Pässi blanketPässi blanket
Pässi blanket
Sale price169.00 €
Iisa cosmetic bag, forget-me-notIisa cosmetic bag, forget-me-not


The guardians of harmony.

Small, wooden, round. Made in Finland by hand. Aarikka's Elves are true Aarikka, everyday celebration at its finest. Collected and loved for 40 years.


True Aarikka.

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