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Aarikka – We are roundAarikka – We are round
Aarikka – We are round
Sale price59.00 €
Mänty sculpture, varnished woodMänty sculpture, varnished wood
Mänty sculpture, varnished wood
Sale price390.00 €
Juhlapässi figurine, varnished woodJuhlapässi figurine, varnished wood
Kultatuikku candleholder, brassKultatuikku candleholder, brass
Kultatuikku candleholder, brass
Sale price89.00 €
Prinsessa candleholder, varnished woodPrinsessa candleholder, varnished wood
Keisarinna candleholder, wool brownKeisarinna candleholder, wool brown
Keisarinna lamp, 39 cm, whiteKeisarinna lamp, 39 cm, white
Keisarinna lamp, 39 cm, white
Sale price159.00 €
Mamselli serving trayMamselli serving tray
Mamselli serving tray
Sale price169.00 €
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Pohjanpässi ring, gold-plated silverPohjanpässi ring, gold-plated silver
Kelohonka earrings, black
Kelohonka earrings, black
Sale price59.00 €
Aamukaste pendant, blackAamukaste pendant, black
Aamukaste pendant, black
Sale price92.00 €
Pohjola bracelet, blackPohjola bracelet, black
Pohjola bracelet, black
Sale price29.00 €

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