Elf sauna thermometer

Elf sauna thermometer

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The only number you need to pay attention to in the sauna is the temperature – time just melts away in the heat of the sauna. The new Elf sauna thermometer is elegant and simple, true to the classic Aarikka style. The thermometer is as sweet as only an elf can be, and makes for a wonderful gift for a summer cottage host or for yourself.

The Elf sauna thermometer is made of heat-treated wood. The pointer is made of metal.

Material: Heat-treated birch, metal pointer
Size: 12 x 32.5 cm
Handmade in Finland.

All Aarikka products are handmade and unique. Wood as a material has unique grain patterns, textures and colouring. Wood grains cause texture and colour patterns on Aarikka's items to look and feel unique. This is why our products are not identical.

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