Clothing care guide

Soft and worm, airy and flowy – or maybe festive and sparkling.

The correct care is the most important thing when handling for your garment, whether it was as beautiful and beautifully cascading dress or a soft woollen garment. Follow these care guides for your material, and you can enjoy your Aarikka garment for years to come.

Small, responsible acts help to conservethe piece of clothing and the environment.

  • The clothing’s care guide has the highest washing temperature. You can, however, use a lower temperature. This is a more ecologic choice, as well.
  • Tumble dryer can wear fabrics down and cause damage to the material. Avoid it to make your piece of clothing last. This choice also saves energy.
  • Think ecologically when caring for your clothing: Don’t use too much washing liquid, only wash dirty clothing and full loads of clothing. These choices conserve water, energy, and make your clothing last.
  • Sometimes a spot-cleaning is enough, instead of washing the entire garment. This spares the piece of clothing as well as the environment.
  • Sometimes small acts of maintenance are enough to increase the mileage of your garment. Instead of buying new, you can change the zipper or buttons of your clothing.
  • When you are ready to part with your garment, recycle them or sell them to a new home.

Please remember:

  • Before washing, sort your clothing based on colour and material. Close all zippers and buttons and tie laces.
  • Use a washing bag for your delicate garments. Note, that the load should not be full, when using a gentle wash.
  • Hang your clothing to dry or let them dry horizontally in an airy environment. Use a steamer instead of ironing your clothes. 

Different materials require specific kind of care.

Below, you can find more information on how to care for different materials.

  • Wash in the laundry machine with similar colours.
  • Can withstand high temperatures. However, always follow your garment’s care instructions.
  • Shape after wash and hang to dry.
  • Iron when wet. Check the temperature from the care instructions.
  • Wash in the laundry machine with similar colours.
  • More delicate than cotton, do not wash with high temperature. Always follow your garment’s care instructions.
  • Shape after wash and let dry either by hanging or horizontally.
  • Can shrink in the wash. Shape after washing and let dry either by hanging or horizontally.
  • Loses shine after ironing, so iron on the reverse side, if you want to. Remember, that linen’s wrinkles are its natural and beautiful quality.
  • Avoid excessive washing of your woollen garments to make them last. Woollen products can be aired out.
  • All woollen fabrics can not handle water washing. Always check your garment’s care instructions on if they can be washed in the laundry machine or if they should be taken to the dry cleaners.
  • Dry horizontally to avoid stretching.
  • Wash in the machine, inside out. Wash with similar colours.
  • Always follow your garment’s care guide.
  • Canshrink in the wash: Shape when wet, and either hang to dry or dry it horizontally.
  • Material may feel stiff after washing, but it softens when it dries and after ironing.
  • Silk cannot be stored dirty. Wash it after it gets dirty.
  • Many silk garments can be washed in a gentle cycle, but handwashing is the recommended way of cleaning them.
  • Always follow your garment’s care guide, and wash with similar colours.
  • Iron carefully, wet, with low setting.

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