Autum & Winter 2024

”Our colour of the autumn is strong burgundy, just like good red wine. The intense burgundy is present in our autumn collection, from home tableware to our other wooden products. We have used more oak this season, because it is an especially beautiful type of wood, and its beautiful shade fits into many styles of interior design. In addition to the Duo collection by Magnus Löfgren, our autumn collection features oaken Nappi candleholders, in two sizes, Aarikka’s CEO, Riia Sandström, announces.

Aarikka’s autumn shades in addition to burgundy are midnight blue and emerald green. These very trendy colours bring a fresh look to the classic black and white, timeless and stylish. Just like Aarikka.

Our autumn collection continues to celebrate Aarikka’s 70th anniversary year. Aarikka’s own, timeless and unique voice can be heard in the spirit of Kaija. The autumn collection has timeless shapes, straight lines, roundness, and wood. Playful with originality, boldness, and being natural. Sparkling in all occasions, from normal weekdays to celebrations. Playful with colour.

Walk with us to the darkening nights, autumnal atmosphere, and winter wonderland. Be enchanted by new designs, and rediscover beloved classics in autumn’s colours.

Autumn is coming, guiding us to winter – to relaxing nights at home, celebrations, and everything in between. Autumn takes the shades of spring and bright summer’s days, and brings with it new shades and dark, deep nights. Give into the autumn wind, be enchanted by new – fall in love with something classic.

We are round, so you can have an edge. Round like Aarikka. Since 1954


Revel and play with Aarikka. At home.

Our autumn collection venerates old classics and draws inspiration from them. The Maius room divider is brought back into production from the 70s, as it was. We are also inspired by past design classics, such as the Metso and Kurki sculptures – we are bringing old beloved classics back into production in a modern way. Our wooden products are characterised by maple and oak, whose percentage we are going to increase in the future. 

Aarikka dresses the home with atmospheric colours, bringing with it warmth and a welcoming atmosphere, fit for those darker days at home. Home is where the heart is – unique, fitting you just right. Strong burgundy colour is present in our home collection, especially in the iconic Ram sculpture, majestic as ever in the lovely colour. Our classic candleholders are wearing this season’s colours, as are our tableware products and new arrivals. Without forgetting Riemuraita and Maius, enveloping boxes and trays in lovely prints. Venerating old classics, creating something new.

We are proud to present the Duo collection, designed by Magnus Löfgren.

The collection exudes the simplistic design and creativity of Löfgren, with Nordic design traditions, combining with Aarikka’s lovely shape language. Magnus Löfgren is a renowned Swedish designer, the recipient of different awards, such as the Design Plus award in Frankfurt, and the Swedish Exell award for the Focus vase. Magnus’ products are characterised by creativity and simplicity.

”When I got married almost 30 years ago, I was gifted a Magnus Löfgren design. I was very excited when I was contacted by him, and we decided to collaborate on the Duo collection for Aarikka. As Aarikka is turning 70 years old, we are celebrating it with a design contest, with Magnus as one of the judges”, Riia says.

“The Duo collection by Magnus Löfgren has the round shapes that Aarikka holds dear. In our production, we have studied how we can use the pieces to create the collection, separate and together. This is why there are wooden legs combined with metal, and metal pieces are used alone. I like that a product is designed in a way that pieces can be used in many ways in different combinations”, Riia says. “Our glass case collection receives a new Duo vase, vibrant in this season’s colour of burgundy. The Duo vase is perfect for few flowers with the lid, or a larger bouquet without the lid. The vase is a work of art on its own, without a bouquet, as well.”


Minimalistic, rich, simple, layered. Unique.

”After the bright colours of spring and summer, our autumn colours are darker, but only in the intensity of shades. Our autumn’s jewellery collection features the colour burgundy, similarly to our home collection. Our collection features old, beloved classics in this season’s colours, such as Sofia, Gisella, Lydia, and Angervo. We have also added smaller earrings into our collection after audience feedback for those, who have not adopted our largest jewellery pieces to their style yet”, says Riia.

“It is surprising how light a large earring can be. Wood is a light material, and we recommend you try larger jewellery pieces. You may be surprised, not only by the light weight, but by the compliments you receive of your jewellery. When designing our anniversary year collection, we aimed to make clothing that is easy to dress up with jewellery. In which the festive outfit becomes your crown.”

Autumn collection features round shapes and soft arches, hand-dyed wooden pearls, and beautiful glass gems coming together into a light and bubbling combination, like a beautiful song. Maple, beech, and birch create the solid foundation of our jewellery – the unique patterns and coats. Our classic collections are wearing new colours: midnight blue, electric pink, rich purple, sparkling blue – just like our new jewellery pieces. Minimalistic, rich, simple, layered. Unique.

Our jewellery collection has jewellery for all occasions and festive moments. Indulge in colours, bring edge into your clothing with jewellery. Choose one, two, or many – and be bold in combining them with different jewellery pieces and outfits. Because there is no right way to wear Aarikka’s jewellery.


Autumn collection’s cornerstone is timeless design and high quality.

Aarikka’s fashion steps into the autumn with edge. The collection features timeless clothing pieces – classic, versatile, and durable. Those classics that fit all occasions, making getting dressed easier.

“We want to be bold but timeless and bring edge to office wear and formal attire with our collection. The collection emphasises femininity, durable design, and boldness”, says Riia Sandström, Aarikka’s CEO.

The cornerstone of our autumn collection, designed by Finnish designers, is timeless designs and high-quality pieces – those timeless classics that are durable, comfortable, sophisticated, and luxurious. Our high-quality materials and classic designs create an irresistible combination, where you cannot go wrong by wearing them. The Maius print is inspired by the impressive Maius room divider from the 70s, combining round Aarikka shapes with edge. Let it take you back to the roots of Aarikka, to the source of shape and colours. 

Our new autumn’s bags are charming with their natural colours, soft and stylish lines, and the roundness, which in its simplicity, is the new black. Small and large, fit for all occasions. Our lovely new arrival is the Anis phone bag, classic from its inception.

Stay tuned. 

Take the classic route with round shapes or get bold. Play with colours and styles, every day, make a statement. Everyone will find something from Aarikka’s collection, for all days and occasions. Create your own, bold style. Unique, just like you.

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