Most Popular Christmas Decorations

Most Popular Christmas Decorations



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Omaenkeli table decoration, pale blueOmaenkeli table decoration, pale blue
Prinsessa candleholder, pinkPrinsessa candleholder, pink
Prinsessa candleholder, pink
Sale price39.00 €
Prinssi candleholder, whitePrinssi candleholder, white
Prinssi candleholder, white
Sale price98.00 €
Frost Elf Apple
Frost Elf Apple
Sale price45.00 €
Frost Elf DecoratorFrost Elf Decorator
Frost Elf Decorator
Sale price33.00 €
Elf AppleElf Apple
Elf Apple
Sale price45.00 €
Keisarinna candleholder, varnished woodKeisarinna candleholder, varnished wood
Iltahämärä lantern, blackIltahämärä lantern, black
Iltahämärä lantern, black
Sale price50.00 €
Prinsessa candleholder, magentaPrinsessa candleholder, magenta
Prinsessa candleholder, magenta
Sale price39.00 €
Prinsessa candleholder, dark bluePrinsessa candleholder, dark blue
Omaenkeli table decoration, whiteOmaenkeli table decoration, white
Prinsessa candleholder, lavender lilacPrinsessa candleholder, lavender lilac
Prinssi candleholder, redPrinssi candleholder, red
Prinssi candleholder, red
Sale price98.00 €
Prinsessa candleholder, redPrinsessa candleholder, red
Prinsessa candleholder, red
Sale price39.00 €
Omaenkeli table decoration, pinkOmaenkeli table decoration, pink
Prinsessa candleholder, light greenPrinsessa candleholder, light green
Prinsessa candleholder, light bluePrinsessa candleholder, light blue
Prinsessa candleholder, valentinePrinsessa candleholder, valentine
Prinssi candleholder, moss greenPrinssi candleholder, moss green
Prinssi candleholder, dark bluePrinssi candleholder, dark blue
Prinssi candleholder, dark blue
Sale price98.00 €
Prinsessa candleholder, watermelon redPrinsessa candleholder, watermelon red
Prinssi candleholder, varnished woodPrinssi candleholder, varnished wood
Prinssi candleholder, watermelon redPrinssi candleholder, watermelon red
Prinsessa candleholder, dark brownPrinsessa candleholder, dark brown


The guardians of harmony.

Small, wooden, round. Made in Finland by hand. Aarikka's Elves are true Aarikka, everyday celebration at its finest. Collected and loved for 40 years.


True Aarikka.

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