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Pikkupässi pendant necklace
Pikkupässi pendant necklace

Pikkupässi pendant necklace

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The Pässi ram figurine is an iconic design classic. Designed by Kaija Aarikka, the Pässi ram figurine was born as a symbol for Finnish perseverance, and it continues to keep its timeless appeal through the unique design language. The Pikkupässi (Little ram) pendant necklace has a ram-shaped silver plaque hanging from a chain. The middle of the plaque is made from trendy Murano glass to feature a bundle of small blue-and-white forget-me-nots. Three small silver beads decorate the adjustable chain, and Aarikka’s letter ‘a’ jewellery tag hangs by the spring clasp. The Pikkupässi jewellery collection also includes a ring, a bracelet, earrings and a necklace.

Material: Silver, Murano glass. Chain adjustable 45-50 cm. Made in Spain.

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