Nuppu salad bowl, cocktail

Nuppu salad bowl, cocktail

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Would you like to hear a secret? The Nuppu (Flower's bud) salad bowl is not only for salad.

It’s also perfect for a bowl of porridge to warm you on a cold morning, surprise roasted garlic potatoes you prepared for dinner, apples picked from your own backyard, fresh cinnamon rolls that make your loved ones smile. It can be also be used for your hair scrunchies and keys – all the little things you always seem to lose.

All products in the Nuppu series are made by hand. This means that each and every one is an individual with its own small differences and unique characteristics. Our Nuppu.

The Nuppu salad bowl is made of white ceramic, encircled by a wreath made of wooden beads.

Color: White, multicolor
Material: Ceramic, maple
Size: 20.5 x 10 x 20.5 cm

Handmade in Finland.

Autumn 2022 Jewellery

Autumn 2022 Jewellery. Daring and playful.

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