Nuppu glass vase, wide
Nuppu glass vase, wide

Nuppu glass vase, wide

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Nuppu, as light as a promise of what is to come. Nuppu is about to bloom and bring its pure and light beauty to the room.  

Bring Nuppu into your everyday life and festive moments, and let it enchant you. It is lovely tablepiece or with other Nuppu products. The ceramic Nuppu vase now has a new friend – the Nuppu glass case, with iconic wooden Aarikka wreaths.

Handwash. Remove the wooden wreath before wash.
Size: Height 17,5 cm, Ø 42,5 cm, capacity 1,4 l
Material: Glass, maple
Made in Poland.

aarikka x hetkinen

Experience thescent of the pineforest.

There it is, standing tall, proudly touching the sky. Mänty. The design scent diffuser spreads the lovely scent of a pine forest to your home. made in Finland.

Did you notice the wood grains?

Every wooden Aarikka item is unique, because every piece of wood is unique. Products are handmade, visible in them and the volume they are made in - small volumes for a need. So the small details of life are visible. Light stripes visible in the wooden pearls are made by Kaija's husband Erkki Ruokonen's unique technique, which is still used to hand-dye all wooden products in Raisio.


Finnish handicraft & design

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we choose only the best wood for our raw materials.

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