Milja flower shoulder strap
Milja flower shoulder strap

Milja flower shoulder strap

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Aarikka goes fashion! The elegant Milja shoulder strap is made of high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. The duo-tone strap features leather flowers along the length of the straps, with the reverse side of the strap in contrast colour. The clip-on strap is easily removed and reattached, allowing you to transform the look of a bag after the season or the nature of the occasion. Finnish design for each day.


Colour: The duo-tone strap is coloured pink on top and it has flower decorations along the length of the straps. The reverse side of the strap is smooth and black.
Material: Vegetable-tanned leather, metal hardware
Size: 4,3 x 90 cm.
Designed in Finland. Made in India.

Care instructions: Wipe clean with a clean dry soft cloth. Do not use water, soap or leather soap. Treat the product with leather conditioner regularly; we recommend spot testing an inconspicuous area first.
Please note that excessive sunlight can dry out and weaken the leather over time. It can also affect the colour of the leather.


Aarikka leather products made from vegetable tanned leather are a durable, high-quality choice. The ancient craft of vegetable tanning uses only organic materials, such as those originating from the leaves, barks and branches of trees and plants. Vegetable tanned leather preserves its durability better than the more commonly used chrome tanned leather. The use of vegetable tanning with modern production planning and recycling solutions also secures the product with a smaller ecological footprint.

Each vegetable tanned leather product is distinguished by its unique tone and natural surface markings. Small irregularities, furrows and even scars are allowed to show on the surface of vegetable tanned leather because the outer layer of the hide is not removed in vegetable tanning. The patina developed over time and the traces of moments lived are characteristic to the look and charm of vegetable tanned leather goods. Products made from vegetable tanned leather will improve in use and, when cared for properly, keep looking their best for decades to come.

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