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Holidays are made of joy, wood and round shapes.

Holidays are unique and exceptional, just like you.

Holidays came and surprised us with joy.

Best gift is something that you feel deep inside your heart. Something that makes you feel warm and heard. Something with thought, with heart behind it. Memorable, lovely gifts for you and your loved ones.

Sometimes the joy of holidays comes from the smallest things.

A spontanious moment with mulled wine or an early morning holiday treats.

Nuppu tray Elf, red
Nuppu tray Elf, red
Sale price23.00 €
Puisto mug Elf, red
Puisto mug Elf, red
Sale price18.00 €
Helmi kitchen towel, red
Helmi kitchen towel, red
Sale price19.00 €


The most beautiful Holiday table setting. Aarikka at its truest.

Holidays are a time for joy and play. Like Aarikka. Let it show in your table setting. Let's be joyful together, laugh and spend time together. Holidays are unique and exceptional, just like you.


Aarikka gift card.

Aarikka gift card is a joyful gift - a gift of choice and joy.

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