Yllätys pendant necklace Flower
Yllätys pendant necklace Flower
Yllätys pendant necklace Flower

Yllätys pendant necklace Flower

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The Yllätys Flower pendant necklace makes a lightly sparkling addition to both everyday and festive attires. A round plaque encircled by small silver beads hangs from the chain, and a blossom of forget-me-not is embossed to the plaque. The necklace chain comes with Aarikka’s letter ‘a’ jewellery tag. Playfully combine the bracelets, necklaces and earrings in the Yllätys collection or mix them with pieces of wooden Aarikka jewellery. Yllätys lets you dress for the occasion and complements your outfit, whether plain and elegant or snazzy and stunning.

Did you know that the Yllätys suite designed by Kaija Aarikka dates back to 1966? Originally inspired by a small individual silver bead, Yllätys (Surprise) has grown into a gorgeous collection of silver bead jewellery.

Material: Silver. Chain adjustable 45-50 cm. The flower is 11 mm in diameter.. Made in Spain.

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