Nuppu coffee tin

Nuppu coffee tin

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Aarikka has always been about the beauty of everyday life, about items that are both delightful and practical, like this Nuppu (Bud) coffee tin made of sheet metal. Its best friend is the Puisto (Park) coffee measurer: a round, charming wooden spoon, which contains a small magnet that you can use to attach the spoon to the coffee tin. No one wants to start their day by digging through coffee grounds, so we think you’ll appreciate this small way of making those Monday mornings a little less rough. 

Don’t lose track of the most important measure of your mornings – not even among the coffee grounds. You deserve a wonderful start to every day.

The Nuppu coffee tin is made of sheet metal. It has a red lid and is adorned with a bead pattern. Pair the tin with the Puisto coffee measurer that you can attach to the side of the tin with a magnet.

Material: Sheet metal

Size: 11 x 17.5 x 11 cm

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