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Mother's day



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Siru shirt, blackSiru shirt, black
Siru shirt, black
Sale price99.00 €
Herkkä bracelet, lavender
Herkkä bracelet, lavender
Sale price39.00 €
Soliseva earrings, lavender
Soliseva earrings, lavender
Sale price42.00 €
Apollo earrings, lavenderApollo earrings, lavender
Apollo earrings, lavender
Sale price39.00 €
Sofia earrings, lavenderSofia earrings, lavender
Sofia earrings, lavender
Sale price59.00 €
Gisella earrings, lavender
Gisella earrings, lavender
Sale price59.00 €
Prinsessa candleholder, wool brownPrinsessa candleholder, wool brown
Ruustinna candleholder, wool brownRuustinna candleholder, wool brown
Keisarinna candleholder, wool brownKeisarinna candleholder, wool brown
Miniprinssi candleholder, greenMiniprinssi candleholder, green
Miniprinssi candleholder, green
Sale price39.00 €
Ruustinna candleholder, greenRuustinna candleholder, green
Ruustinna candleholder, green
Sale price169.00 €
Puistolemmikki bracelet, ecruPuistolemmikki bracelet, ecru
Puistolemmikki bracelet, ecru
Sale price29.00 €
Puistolemmikki necklace, ecruPuistolemmikki necklace, ecru
Puistolemmikki necklace, ecru
Sale price79.00 €
Herkkä bracelet, ecru
Herkkä bracelet, ecru
Sale price39.00 €
Valma clutch, cognacValma clutch, cognac
Valma clutch, cognac
Sale price229.00 €
Rosa shopper bag, cognacRosa shopper bag, cognac
Rosa shopper bag, cognac
Sale price299.00 €
Pöytälukki candleholder, brassPöytälukki candleholder, brass
Pöytälukki candleholder, brass
Sale price249.00 €
Kultatuikku candleholder, brassKultatuikku candleholder, brass
Kultatuikku candleholder, brass
Sale price89.00 €
Kruununprinssi candleholder, gilded
Kupla vase, large 22 cm, amberKupla vase, large 22 cm, amber
Kupla vase, large 22 cm, amber
Sale price89.00 €
Kupla vase, 16 cm, amberKupla vase, 16 cm, amber
Kupla vase, 16 cm, amber
Sale price69.00 €
Limited edition
Puisto tray, birch, largePuisto tray, birch, large
Puisto tray, birch, large
Sale price25.00 €
Limited edition
Puisto tray, birch, smallPuisto tray, birch, small
Puisto tray, birch, small
Sale price15.00 €
Puisto tea strainer, whitePuisto tea strainer, white
Puisto tea strainer, white
Sale price18.00 €


The guardians of harmony.

Small, wooden, round. Made in Finland by hand. Aarikka's Elves are true Aarikka, everyday celebration at its finest. Collected and loved for 40 years.


True Aarikka.

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