Elf Farmer

Elf Farmer

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The elves were standing at the edge of a field, looking at the bare ground. “I think the seeds were no good”, said the Camper with a wry smile on its face. The Farmer shook its head and pointed behind its back, to the open meadow. The meadow was full of flowers blooming in dozens of different colors, their strong sprouts reaching towards the sun. “There was nothing wrong with the seeds or the earth. They just needed the right conditions to thrive.”

The Farmer elf is made of two wooden beads. The elf wears a straw hat on its head and holds a hoe in its hand. Combine the Farmer elf with its other elf friends!

Color: Green
Material: Straw, birch, maple, metal
Size: Height 11 cm

Handmade in Finland.

Autumn 2022 new releases.

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