Frost elf Musa
Frost elf Musa

Frost elf Musa

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Pa rum pum pum! I am frost elf Musa and I love all types of music. My headphones echo with the sounds of traditional harmonies, light rhythms and Finnish foxtrot. My feet are already starting to jiggle, come join me in the world of music!

The frost family is perfect as a decoration on a dinner table, as an arrangement on the windowsill and of course as a gift for lovers of high-quality handicrafts from Finland.

Material: Maple, felt. Measures: 4 x 9 x 5 cm.
Handmade in Finland.

Hello fall!

Our wooden jewellery collection for this season radiates warm shades and tones for each moment. Bold red, shiny gold or a touch of green? Mix and match to create the most stunning looks.

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