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18 August 2016

The Aarikka brand will be brightened in the summer: The revamp will create even stronger foundations for international expansion

Aarikka, a Finnish family business founded in 1954, is taking bold steps to brighten its brand in line with its strategy. Aarikka Oy has planned its updated brand in collaboration with customer insight company Kopla Helsinki Oy. The revamp will encompass the key messages, visual identity, advertising, packaging and online store. Aarikka’s iconic logo will remain unchanged.

In the future, Aarikka Oy aims to draw even more focus to the core of its brand: Finnishness, nature, the use of wood and Scandinavian design. Finnish nature and forests form the basis for the activities, visual identity, design and key messages.

Drops of Joy

“In our communications, we aim to highlight nature, ecology and sustainability, which are instrumental to our brand. We select only the best-quality wood to use as a raw material. We highlight the materials and types of wood that the products are made from and we communicate the characteristics and benefits of the materials. In addition, we aim to communicate the meaning of Aarikka quality and how our products embody this quality. Colour does not run from the wooden elements in our products, the form is genuinely round and there are no traces of turning or gluing left behind. The elements of our wooden jewellery are coloured by hand in Vallila, Helsinki, and they are assembled by hand by our home-based employees. Our home products are assembled at social employment workshops in Finland. This is our way of promoting employment and social participation among people suffering from social exclusion,” says Anu Vauhkonen, the company’s CEO.

The Aarikka brand has always been connected with roundness and joy. The new brand promise and position – Drops of Joy – communicates the way Aarikka adds a sprinkling of happiness to everyday life as well as to special occasions. The company’s products comprise jewellery and home products. They are sized to fit into a shoebox – or at least a boot box – just as Kaija Aarikka, the company’s founder, envisaged.

The brand revamp is already visible

Aarikka’s revamped brand mindset is already making its presence felt. The company’s flagship store on the Northern Esplanade in Helsinki has been updated in collaboration with designer Noora Sallasmaa. Stools made from blocks of birch wood have been placed outside the store to communicate the roots of the Aarikka brand: wood as a material and nature. The window displays are now in keeping with the brand’s new visual identity. Illuminated wooden surfaces highlight Aarikka’s products and brand in a better and more attractive way. The store’s interior design and window settings present the brand’s fresh new visual identity and Scandinavian design in a more inviting manner. The store also communicates the values of Finnish handicraft.

Photographs with strong elements of harmony, joy and clear lines were instrumental in creating Aarikka’s new visual identity. Aarikka works with Katri Kapanen and Anna Pirkola on photography.

Digital services to be updated for an international audience

The revamped Aarikka online service will be opened in June. Aarikka has worked with Kopla Helsinki Oy and Motley Agency Oy to update its online service. The online store has been designed to cater for the needs of international markets without forgetting Finnish customers. The online store was built on the Shopify platform, which can be handed over for partners in Asia, for example, to administer content in different languages. Key elements of the project included simplifying processes and ensuring compatibility with our ERP system.

Product packaging will be revamped next – the products will be packaged so as to highlight the same message and visual identity of the brand. A further aim of the updated packaging is to improve the visibility of products in stores, where products need to be able to sell themselves from the shelves. Store visibility will also be boosted in other ways. Aarikka aims to continue bringing joy, colour and nature into its customers’ lives in a responsible way.

Further information: Anu Vauhkonen, tel. +358 40 765 2484