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24 August 2017

Aarikka will be attending Habitare at the Association for Finnish Work’s KOTI2017 stand

The Association for Finnish Work will be attending the Habitare 2017 trade fair in honour of Finland’s centenary at the department KOTI – Suomalaisen kodin mielenmaisema (HOME – The mindscape of a Finnish home). This autumn Aarikka will also be found at that very stand from 13-17 September 2017. The KOTI2017 stand is the handiwork of Pentagon Design, the design agency of the year. The space is divided into themed areas: Forest, Sea, Snowdrift, Meadow, Polar Night, and Market. Each area is inspired by Finnish nature. Aarikka is participating in the Meadow themed area. The KOTI2017 stand is constructed by companies which have been awarded the Design from Finland and/or the Key Flag Symbol. Habitare will be held at the Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki, and the KOTI stand can be found in the AHEAD area next to the main corridor.

Aarikka Oy is a Finnish company founded in 1954. It designs and manufactures characterful jewellery and home accessories from natural materials. Aarikka’s design is known for its crisp Scandinavian lines and round shapes. The brand promise, Drops of Joy, communicates the way in which Aarikka products bring people a sprinkling of happiness.

Aarikka products are made from Nordic tree types and they are assembled by hand. Aarikka employs a number of subcontractors and employees who work from home in Finland. Aarikka has been awarded the Key Flag symbol and the Design from Finland symbol, granted by the Association for Finnish Work to products made in Finland.

Furthermore, our home accessories are assembled at Finnish social employment workshops. Through its operations, the company promotes the social inclusion and employment of marginalised groups. In addition to local manufacturing, we enhance the eco-friendliness of our products by favouring environmentally friendly raw materials, such as wood.

Linna candleholder

Keisarinna candleholder

Reitti lamp

Nuppu vase

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