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11 January 2017

Aarikka’s new spring décor arrivals!

Aarikka’s new spring/summer 2017 collection takes inspiration from nature: the lakes of Saimaa, its peninsulas, its beaches and its cliffs. The joys of spring and summer are conveyed in the collection’s playfulness, the beautiful surface of the wood, its apple-blossom tones and its gentle wind chimes.

Just as we are given a sea of apple blossom to enjoy each year as spring gives way to summer, the new colour of the collection is of the same delicate pink. The interior design perennials, white and grey, continue to feature as well.

Wood and ceramics have been combined in the Pouta wind chime as well as the Yrtti and Mini hanging flower baskets by Marianne Siponmaa. The wind chimes are a joy to look at and listen to on a summer evening.

Responsible business, eco-friendliness and sustainability are of the utmost importance to Aarikka. We use only the best wood as the main material in our products, and all our products are assembled by hand in Finland. Aarikka has a number of subcontractors and employees who work from home, and the company offers assembly and packaging work to workshops that promote social inclusion and employment. All Aarikka products are finished with care. Read more here!

Herb hanging basket
ceramics, maple, linen cord
height 10 cm + 80 cm cord
Ø 10 cm
Designed by Marianne Siponmaa

Pouta wind chime
ceramics, maple
linen hanging cord
height 37 cm, Ø 10 cm
Designed by Marianne Siponmaa


Nuppu bowl
ceramics, maple
height 8.5 cm
Ø 11 cm
Designed by Saija Malila



Nuppu vase, small
ceramics, maple
height 14 cm
Designed by Saija Malila

Aarikka Oy is a family-owned Finnish company founded in 1954. It manufactures jewellery and small accessories for the home from natural materials. Aarikka’s design is known for its crisp Scandinavian lines and round shapes. The brand promise, Drops of Joy, communicates the way in which Aarikka products bring people a sprinkling of happiness.

Aarikka products are made from genuine Nordic wood and they are assembled by hand. The wooden elements of our jewellery are coloured by hand in the company’s factory in Vallila, Helsinki. Aarikka employs a number of subcontractors and employees who work from home in Finland. Aarikka has been given the Key Flag Symbol, which is granted to products made in Finland. Furthermore, our home accessories are assembled at Finnish social employment workshops. Through its operations, the company promotes the social inclusion and employment of marginalised groups. In addition to local manufacturing, we enhance the eco-friendliness of our products by favouring environmentally friendly raw materials, such as wood. In Finland, Aarikka has its own brand store, an online store and a comprehensive network of retailers. Outside Europe, our main export destinations include Japan, China and the USA. The company directly employs approximately 10 people.

Further information, product loans and product images click here.

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