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14 August 2017

Aarikka introduces Unisex jewellery to its autumn and winter range

Aarikka’s autumn and winter 2017–2018 jewellery range has been inspired by the tranquility of the forest. As autumn approaches winter, the evenings draw in and it’s time to settle. The quiet forest is dressed in nature’s most beautiful colour palette. The pure, light wood brings just the right amount of freshness to the range.

The most interesting new arrival this autumn is Aarikka’s Unisex range. The jewellery in the range is designed to suit everyone. The design is subdued and beautiful. The clean, simple lines and high-quality materials come together to create a unique whole. Once again, natural materials take centre stage while the leather brings an edge to the range.

The Peto necklace is one of the stars of the range. The combination of light wood and metal give the piece a fresh look. Due to its subdued colours, the necklace can be worn with almost any outfit. The Peto necklace is available in two different lengths. Designed by Sini Hjelt.

The Aikapuu watches add the finishing touches to the Unisex range. The dial is made from precious natural materials, such as ebony.  The range also includes watch straps in earthy tones. Designed by Marianne Siponmaa.

Responsible business, eco-friendliness and sustainability are of the utmost importance to Aarikka. We use only the best wood as the main material in our products, and all our products are assembled by hand in Finland. Aarikka has a number of subcontractors and employees who work from home, and the company offers assembly and packaging work to workshops that promote social inclusion and employment. All Aarikka products are finished with care.


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