Logo printing and embroidering

You can have your corporate logo, slogan, URL or some other motif printed on all Aarikka products. The method will depend on the surface to be printed and the material. There is a choice of techniques:

Laser printing

A common and much-used technique for printing on wood or metal. Laser printing is sharp and virtually impervious to time and wear. On light wood in particular, such as birch, the imprint is darker than the wood. The best result is achieved on a flat, even surface. Suitable for printing logos on key fobs, bottle openers and candlesticks, for example.


This is an electrochemical technique for cutting a logo or motif onto a metal surface. Etching darkens the metal and the motif is virtually impervious to time and wear. Unlike in laser printing, the surface onto which the motif is printed can be curved. Suitable for printing on the metal parts of Puisto salad servers, for example.

Tampo printing

This technique is commonly used for colour logo printing on both flat and curved surfaces. It gives a beautiful result with fine attention to detail on smooth, non-porous materials. Suitable for printing mugs and schnapps glasses, for example.

Screen printing

A technique that can be used to print a colour logo or motif on almost any material. Suitable for printing on wood, paper, textiles, metals, glass and plastic, for example. Screen printing provides consistent coverage and, being thick, the imprint lasts. Screen printing is the answer when logos cannot be printed by any other method.


An embroidered logo or motif is virtually impervious to time and washing. A sufficiently big, clear motif is best for embroidering. This technique can be used to add a logo to the Poro blanket or kitchen towels, for example.

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