Give the whole set of classics or a jewellery

Solve the gift problem for years: give the whole set

The classic range solves the gift problem for many years: presents for special occasions, prizes, and little tokens of appreciation.

NEW! Beautiful strings to ID badges for your personnel: Sarastus and Nokkela.

To help you choose, our designers have drawn up a list of examples that tries to allow for all your business gift needs for several years. We do hope you will find the suggestions inspiring and useful when you next need to think of a present.

For very special occasions

All the items in the Keisarinna range

  • A present for a CEO retiring after several successful decades
  • A prize for the winner of a major staff competition (new product idea, name competition, improvement initiative, free-time exercise, rise in sales/result, etc.)

For tokens of appreciation during the year

A Ruustinna candlestick
A Ruustinna serving tray
A Keikari vase
A Prinsessa tea-light holder

  • Promotion
  • Marriage
  • Baby arrival
  • Exceeding a target
  • Summer gift
  • Birthday present

For your best clients

A Keisarinna serving tray and a Puisto cake scoop

A big Keisarinna candlestick

The Puisto set (salad servers, cake scoop and cheese knife)

  • To thank a client
  • To take abroad
  • As a souvenir of Finland
  • As a Christmas gift

For staff

A Keisarinna candlestick
A Keisarinna vase
Puisto salad servers
A Puisto cake scoop and cheese knife

  • Staff Christmas presents
  • Retirement presents
  • For years served

The best thing about the classics series is its continuity: over the years, the recipient builds up the whole set. The colours and items in the range are updated every season, so you will always find a gift to match the time of year.