Our company

Aarikka Oy is about identifiable design and lasting beauty which follows its time. Aarikka is a Finnish family business which was founded in 1954. The company designs and manufactures unique jewellery and items for home decoration and table setting. How it all began?


Aarikka’s design is known for its crisp Scandinavian lines, round forms, and its use of wood. Over the years, wood has been the primary production material. Aarikka’s design work is headed by Pauliina Aarikka, the daughter of the company’s founder Kaija Aarikka.

Throughout the decades, in addition to Aarikka’s own designers, the company has seen many guest designers, such as Aino Favén, Jorma Vennola, Jukka Rintala, Tuula Falk, Markku Salo, Paola Suhonen, Anna Ruohonen, Anu Leinonen, Kalle Kuusela, Elina Helenius, Kaisli Kiuru, Anneli Aaltonen, and Eero Sairanen. Each of them has left their own stamp in Aarikka’s design language.


Aarikka’s jewellery collection represents lasting beauty, and a design language and quality which last year after year. The pieces of jewellery are individually handmade in Finland. The primary raw material is wood, which is given a beautiful silky finish by Aarikka’s unique colouring method. The hardness of the wood is an integral part of the durability of the products, so only the best wood is selected for Aarikka products. The jewellery metals used for the pieces are nickel-free. In 2014, Aarikka launched a new collection, Ateljee, comprising a range of our designers’ most fascinating and impressive jewellery pieces for special occasions.

Aarikka’s home-product collection is contemporary in its lines, and has a warm, romantic feel and a unique style. The collection includes table-setting and home-decoration products for both the everyday and for more festive use. A seasonal product range of gift and ornamental items is designed for the various holidays. For example, the popular Christmas Elves collection is favoured by many families in their third generation, and every Christmas, a couple of happy new elves are designed for the series.


The majority of our products are of such a high domestic content that we have been awarded the right to use the Key Flag Symbol, which indicates that the product is of Finnish origin. Aarikka Oy gives work to a number of subcontractors and people working from their homes, and in addition, the company offers assembly and packaging work to workshops promoting social inclusion and employment. The products are assembled in areas local to us, which means that we are able to keep transport distances short. In addition to relatively local manufacturing, our product ecology is also affected by the fact that we avoid the unnecessary use of packaging materials and favour ecological raw materials such as wood.

Sale of products

In Finland, Aarikka has two shops, a webshop, and a comprehensive network of retailers. Outside of Europe, significant export countries include the United States and Japan.